Classic manicure

This traditional treatment improves the appearance of the natural nail plate using tools (amongst others, Scissors, Nail Files). The nail plate and skins are taken care of during the manicure. A nourishing and strengthening nail base is applied. At the client’s request, nails can be painted in the desired colour.

Price: 110 PLN
Duration: 60 min

Japanese manicure

Known for centuries as a treatment which improves the appearance and condition of the nails.
Special paste is rubbed into the nail plate which is rich in vitamins A and E, bee pollen and keratin – the basic building blocks of nails.
This treatment is recommended for both ladies who desire healthy cared-for nails and men who care about the appearance of their hands.

Price: 100 PLN
Duration: approx. 1 hours

Monophase Manicure

Treatment for styling the natural nail plate. A manicure is performed including cuticle and nail plate care followed by application of a special varnish.
The light formula of the paint which is hardened under a UV lamp provides dries the nails instantly and the color lasts for up to 10 days.

Price: 130 PLN
Duration: approx. 1 hours