We have a wide range of facial treatments on offer including a comprehensive skin analysis and carefully selected range of cosmetics and technology.
If you are unsure about which treatment will be best for your skin type, make an appointment for a skin consultation which will help you choose the most optimal type of treatment.
Basic make-up (primer application + lip gloss) can be applied upon request free of charge or alternatively day make-up (this must be booked when making the facial treatment booking).

Price of full make-up after the facial: 60 PLN
Duration: 45 min.

AGE CONTROL – treatment for mature skin

Intensive rejuvenation – this treatment smoothes, revitalizes and strengthens the skin’s immune system, stimulates the production of new cells and intensively firms the skin.

HYDRO BALANCE – intensive hydrating treatment.

It provides instant moisturization with a long-term smoothing effect. The skin’s balance and radiance is restored and is left with a nourishing effect. This treatment reduces the feeling of tension which is often associated with very dry skin.

STRESS BALANCE – anti-stress soothing treatment.

Provides an instant soothing effect for irritated, red and tense skin. It eliminates all sensations of discomfort, restores the natural protective barrier, increases its resistance and intensively moisturizes.

Recommended for sensitive, temporarily irritated or dry skin.

VITAL BALANCE – nourishing and revitalizing treatment.

A cocktail of vitamins, ceramides and coenzyme Q10 for the skin. These substances provide maximum nourishment for the skin, leaving it looking radiant, moisturized and its natural functions are enhanced.

Recommended for tired and stressed skin, lacking in energy.

Treatments are available in three price categories, depending on the type of mask used in the treatment:

  • 180 PLN – basic treatment with a cream mask
  • 220 PLN – optimum treatment with chamot algae mask
  • 300 PLN – exclusive treatment with gel mask in the lobe

Korean HIT SPA 2022!

GOLDEN SNAIL – luxurious regenerative treatment.
A treatment that provides an immediate moisturizing effect. It rejuvenates, prevents skin aging and accelerates its regeneration significantly. Smoothes pores, reduces redness and inflammation. The active ingredients included in the product: augmented slime filtrate, Korean red ginseng extract and 24-carat gold provide a powerful beautifying effect!

Price: 250 PLN
Duration: approx. 60 min.

Innovative cleaning treatment by anna lotan without wapozon!

The treatment is recommended for all skin types especially vascular, acne, very sensitive. The use of natural forms softening (extract from aloe pulp) does not heat up the tissue damage and swelling of intercellular spaces. High quality natural treatment guarantee, hypoallergenic products containing plant extracts and minerals from the Dead Sea.
Price of treatment:
face 250 PLN
face + neck 300 PLN
back 270 PLN
Duration: from 1-2 hours depending on skin condition

Purifying – normalizing treatment for men

Cleansing – normalizing treatment is designed for young skin – oily and combination and mature, which needs a strong and comprehensive cleansing renewal.
Zinc contained in cosmetics absorbs excess sebum that accumulates in the pores and normalize its production processes. Revitalizes the skin, removing microdamage and irritation.
Vitamin B3 enhances skin lipid barrier, so that it becomes more resilient to adverse external factors, firms skin, improves its structure. It also helps to align the color of the skin, has anti-inflammatory.

Price: 220 PLN
Duration: about 60 minutes

Facial treatments

Professional treatment for all skin types, a variety of rituals, which take us on a wonderful journey through the world of beauty and well-being. All of these professional treatments are based on a specialized manual massage, provided by the best consultants – spa & wellness. These original and exclusive treatments provide excellent and effective functioning of the mind and ensure visible and lasting results.

Treatments individual selected to the type and specific needs of the skin, improving the condition and ensure its beautiful appearance. They combine the phase of purification and peeling of the application working intensive pure serum and mask, which stimulates the skin to rebuild and help you resolve problems. Performed during the facial massage treatment increases the effectiveness of preparations used, and has a relaxing effect.

Cleansing and Normalizing treatment for men

This Pure Pleasure treatment is especially designed for male skin.
The zinc contained in cosmetics absorbs excess sebum which is accumulated in pores and normalizes the production process. It revitalizes the skin, eliminating micro-damages and irritation.
Vitamin B3 strengthens the skin’s lipid barrier, making it more resistant to adverse external factors.

Price: 220 PLN
Duration: approx. 60 min


This treatment is aimed at cleansing the skin without the use of a steamer. All impurities, excess sebum, blackheads and minor pimples are removed. As a result the skin is refreshed and brighter. Any cosmetics applied after this treatment are better absorbed. This treatment is recommended for all skin types (even for sensitive skin). For those who suffer from acne prone or oily skin, this cleansing treatment is recommended once a month. High quality of this treatment is guaranteed thanks to the use of natural hypo-allergenic products containing plant extracts and Dead Sea minerals.

Duration: 1-2 hours (depending on condition of the skin)
Back – approx. 75 min. 270 PLN
Face – approx. 60 – 100 min. 250 PLN
Face & Neck – approx. 70 – 120 min. 300 PLN


This facial treatment is a mechanical exfoliation of dead skin layers with the use of a special device equipped with an abrasive head which is covered with natural diamond crystals. As a result, it improves the functioning and texture of the skin. It also helps with treating specific skin problems, such as: acne scars, hyperpigmentation, reduces fine lines, stretch marks and reduces the secretion of seborrhea. The finishing touch is the skin is left feeling refreshed, revitalized and rejuvenated.
The microdermabrasion facial is not available during the summer months. The treatment cannot be performed on couperose or actively inflamed rosacea skin.Price:

  • Face + Serum/Ampoule 180 PLN / approx. 45 min.
  • Face + Serum/Ampoule + Mask  220 PLN / approx. 60 min.
  • Face + Neck + Neckline + Serum/Ampoule + Mask 300 PLN / approx. 60 min.
  • Back + clay mask application 250 PLN / approx. 60 min.
  • Almond facial peel + microdermabrasion 300 PLN / approx. 60 min.

Radio Frequency Lifting Treatment (without scalpel)

Radiofrequency is a non-invasive, comfortable and painless procedure that involves stimulation of the skin using electric radio wave currents. This treatment is intended to stimulate the skin cells to produce and regenerate collagen. As a result, the skin regains its elasticity and firmness. It also reduces the depth of wrinkles. Another important beneficial effect of radio frequency treatment is an increased blood circulation resulting in overall skin rejuvenation. It also speeds up the metabolism which helps detoxifies the body and improves the lymphatic system drainage.
The increased endogenous temperature (45-55 °C) stimulates the production of endorphins (“happy hormones”) and causes the muscles to relax, putting you in an overall feel-good mood.
Radio frequency treatment is suitable for numerous skin ailments
No recovery time is needed after radio frequency treatment – it provides instant results after the first visit.

Duration: approx. 30 min
Frequency of facial treatment: 2-5 treatments fortnightly

Price: 180 PLN
* 80 PLN together with another facial treatment over 220 PLN (instead of a facial massage)
* Radio Frequency + Mask 220 PLN
* 10% discount upon purchase of 5x treatments

Attention! Prior to making an appointment, make sure you ask about potential contraindications.

Cavitation peeling

A painless skin cleansing treatment that uses ultrasonic vibrations enriched by a plant mineral enhanced micro-massage. It gently exfoliates dead skin, tones and improves its elasticity, removes excess sebum and regenerates the skin, lightens discolorations. It leaves the skin radiant and oxidized, improving its nutrient absorption.


Basic treatment:

  • face: 80 PLN / 20 min.
  • face + neckline/decollate area: 100 PLN / 20 min.

Cavitation peeling + sonophoresis (ampoule):

  • face: 100 PLN / 25 min.
  • face + neckline/decollate area: 120 PLN / 35 min.

Cavitation peeling + sonophoresis + algae mask:

  • face: 220 PLN + facial massage: 260 PLN / approx. 1h
  • face + neckline/decollate area: 300 PLN + facial massage: 340 PLN / approx. 1h

Cavitation peeling + sonophoresis + serum:

  • face: 180 PLN + facial massage: 220 PLN / approx. 1h
  • face + neckline/decollate area: 220 PLN + facial massage: 260 PLN / approx. 1h

Cavitation peeling + almond facial peel 260 PLN / approx. 1h
Cavitation peeling of face and neckline + almond peel 300 PLN / approx. 1h

Algae Mask – Instant Effects

Alginate masks are made from specially prepared algae cell walls. The mask is also enriched by carefully selected ingredients, depending on the desired effect. When a mask is applied the skin is immediately relaxed and rejuvenated. After the treatment, the skin is well-rested and deeply moisturized. Thanks to this mask, the make-up that is applied afterwards lasts longer on the skin. It is ideal for rapid regeneration of the complexion which helps it become more radiant.

Price: 80 PLN
Duration: approx. 30 min

This treatment can be enhanced by an additional aromatherapy facial massage

Price: 140 PLN
Duration: approx. 60 min

Aromatherapy massage

A gentle and relaxing massage with therapeutic essential oils. A facial massage is a highly relaxing and sensual experience. The skin is intensively hydrated and nourished. The pleasant scents of the oils have an additional soothing or stimulating effect. After the massage, the skin is visibly refreshed and hydrated.

Price: 80 PLN
Duration: approx. 30 min

Butterfly Dance

A very gentle face and neck massage with the use of special brushes with natural bristles. It has a positive effect on the skin’s condition and the nervous system. It draws the body into a state of total relaxation. Thanks to the use of essential aromatherapy oils the skin is left with a healthy nourished glow.

Price: 80 PLN
Duration: approx. 30 min

Facial massage + algae mask

Price: 140 PLN

Duration: about 60 minutes

Drainage massage with glass balls

This gentle facial and neck massage with glass balls is the perfect choice for sensitive, couperose or irritated skin. This massage with glass balls has drainage properties and thanks to the gentle stimulation lymphatic edema is eliminated. It also eliminates excess water. Perfectly relaxes and provides a calming effect on both the face and entire body.

Price: 80 PLN
Duration: approx. 30 min

Enchanting look

A massage of the eyelids with the use of glass balls. It perfectly relieves the feeling of tired eyes.
During the treatment, you can choose:

Algae mask – contains Vitamin E which is essential in the fight against wrinkles. It moisturizes and nourishes the delicate skin around the eyes.
Crystalline collagen – macromolecule technology which provides better absorption of active ingredients. It smooths wrinkles, lightens dark circles under the eyes and gets rid of puffiness.

Price: 80 PLN
Duration: approx. 30 min

* 60 PLN if included with another treatment

Day make-up

Natural and subtle, perfect for highlighting natural beauty. Ideal for work, business or social meetings.

The price of make-up without any other treatment, with the use of a cleansing-moisturizing mask made from algae : 90 PLN
Duration: 60 min.
Price of make-up (after treatment): 60 PLN
Duration: 45 min.

Hair removal

Price: 30 PLN

Price: 35 PLN

Price: 40 PLN


Price: 25 PLN

Price: 25 PLN

Eyebrow regulation
Price: 15 PLN

Full henna
Price: 50 PLN

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